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In the rural heart of Finland

What to see in the area


Farmhouse Sipilä is located in Finnish Lakeland, in Central Finland. The farm is easily accessible from all directions.

Roads here are well maintained and public transport connections are good: there is less than 2 km of gravel road to the farm. The snow removal service is effective. You can reach us quite well also by public transport: 10 km to bus stop (Järvisuomentie road/Nälkämäki, intersection of Highway 23 and Highway 9, Onnibus, M9), 18 km to Hankasalmi railway station, and 30 km to Pieksämäki railway station.


  • Jyväskylä 60 km
  • Pieksämäki 30 km
  • Helsinki 300 km
  • Kuopio 100 km
  • Tampere 220 km

The entire farm at your disposal

The Sipilä farmyard is located on a hilltop with a beautiful view over the fields, reaching the lake that looks different in every season. Our campfire site with a lakeside view is the same that was used for heating water in the TV series The Farm Finland.

The shrubs and trees surrounding the garden guarantee privacy and make the yard sunny and warm. You can admire the flowering apple trees, purple sirens and Japanese knotweed in early summer, the blooming annual and perennial flowers throughout the summer, and the ripening crop of apple and plum trees and currant bushes in late summer.

At the LINKKI beach and lakeshore sauna you can enjoy the rays of the evening sun. It is nice to sit on the roomy terrace, cooling off after the heat of the sauna, admiring the sunset. The terrace of the farmhouse also faces west, towards the evening sun and the lake.

You can enjoy your holiday on the grounds of the farm: the garden, woods, forest roads, fields, and beach. A few enclosures and shelters still remind us of the filming of The Farm Finland in 2019–2021, when various domestic animals grazed in the fields. The road leading to the farm is still marked with a milk collection shed from 2021.

The area surrounding Farmhouse Sipilä

In the borderland of two cultures

Venetmäki is located at the intersection of two provinces, the sauna county Central Finland and the vast and jovial South Savo. Venetmäki is a part of Pieksämäki town, but the nearest shops are in Hankasalmi, from where it’s 10 km to Häkärinteet (downhill skiing) and 20 km to Hankasalmi town centre. Pieksämäki is a large municipality with its easternmost corner located 50 km from Venetmäki. The distance to Pieksämäki town centre and its famous market place is 30 km.

In the unique natural environment of Lakeland Finland

The Pieksämäki area is located on the watershed region (in Finnish) between the large lakes Päijänne, Saimaa and Puula. This area is characterized by many lakes and ponds with no outlet channels, formed after the Ice Age.

Farmhouse Sipilä has a private beach by the clean and peaceful Lake Venetekemä. The lake is surrounded by a vast wilderness area, which makes it possible to see wild animals such as grouse, waterfowl, or even larger mammals. Handsome grey cranes are regular guests on the nearby fields.

At the northern end of the lake (exit from Puolukkaseläntie road) there is a shallow sandy beach with lean-to shelters and firewood available for everyone. At Lapinlampi (trail from Venetmäentie road) you can see birds from a low bird-watching platform.

Area packed with active residents and small businesses

Where else in a Finnish village with less than 100 residents can you find a summer cafe, sometimes even year-round event production, and artisan shops? Venetmäki

Snowy hills and icy lakes

The location of Pieksämäki and Venetmäki is high above sea level, at 120 m elevation, which makes it common for us to enjoy winters with lots of snow and strong lake ice.

It is typical for the watershed area that first snow falls earlier and is less likely to melt than elsewhere in central Finland nowadays. The lake ice is usually 10 cm thick by November-December, and the ice melts at the end of April.

The landscape, slopes, and cross-country ski tracks at Häkärinteet ski centre and around Hankasalmi, and in Pieksämäki town are almost as great as in Lapland in winter.

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